My ancestors travelled to New Zealand from France and England in the 1850s. My parents and grandparents are gardeners and carpenters and as a child I too learned to grow food and flowers and appreciate the beauty of nature, recognizing its fundamental value to our survival on earth.

In these years I found sanctuary in the golden fields of my family land and among the colour and fragrance of my own small garden, forming a strong and rich affinity with the natural energies of the earth.

In my twenties I developed as an artist, attending courses in sculpture and print-making, painting and photography, finding deep satisfaction in using creative energy to transform environments. During this time I owned and operated a garden maintenance business and began to landscape with an artists' eye.

At age thirty I trained as an early childhood teacher and educator working with preschool age children, using art and the landscape as teaching medium. Later I continued this work with special needs children and adults at the Hohepa Rudolph Steiner Curative home in Christchurch and more recently was a tutor on the "Designing Environments for Children" course based at the Christchurch College of Education.

In 1995 I spent some time at the spiritual healing centre in Leigh in North Auckland, and trained in meditation and healing skills which have increased my sensitivity and understanding of other peoples' needs. This has given me more confidence when working in groups or with individual during a consultation process. I continue to work as a massage and healing practitioner.

My true role is that of a landscape designer and my passion is to facilitate more beauty, energetic balance and a deeper connection to the land, so that whomever I work with will in time benefit from the qualities that their garden can offer. I believe the more love we put into our environment, the more that we will receive back. As a guardian of the earth, I experience a deep respect for our planet - for all its potential, hidden mystery and profound patience.

My philosophy is to work organically, be resourceful, employ local artists and crafts people and to support other small companies, and to nurture and care for our earth ... manifesting ... paradise.


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