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We offer artistic content including:

Garden seats

Seats are essential furniture in the garden.

They provide a place to rest after a busy day or to contemplate the depth of stillness in the water, and they can give a focus at the end of a pathway.

Seats can be made of a wide variety of natural materials such as a smooth river boulder or a large slab of native timber onto which you can stretch your whole body.

montessori seat

Sculptural Work

Is there a symbol or something of significance that can be set on top of a tall post, that can become a totem guardian of your garden?

Totems can be powerful protectors or simply a whimsical delight.

Sculptural work is often about putting the yang energy in the garden - the upright male energy to balance all the yin female energy- the flowing curves that melt pathways into ponds.

Maybe you already have a piece of sculpture that you wish to make a resting place for.

Does it need to sit by the pond or in a bed of bright fragrant flowers?

bridge and croc seatstick sclupture

Stone Work

Stone brings strength, the feeling of olden days, and an atmosphere of a particular place - mountains, rivers and wild beaches.

What do you feel most empathy with? Let's bring it into your garden by way of a path, a wall, a water feature, a tactile ground cover or simply to guard the entrance to a sacred place.

cavestone steps
Mosaic making is ancient and fun, detailed and spontaneous.
Immortalise a precious piece of family china, create a powerful symbol by the front door - have a mosaic making party and involve your friends in the creative process.
I have been developing and refining mosaic techniques and offer workshops to teach this craft.
Turn that domestic disaster into a piece of art.

mosaic 1mosaic 2

Pergolas, Shelters, Entranceways and Gateways

These structures help to form the framework of your garden.
Provide a place to walk through, to divide the various rooms in the garden.
A place to take shelter in and over which to grow a favourite climbing rose.
Simple or ornate, organic and versatile.


playground pagodaoutdoor school house


Ponds and Water Features

Water brings the natural balance into your garden - how to contain it?

A pond with a complement of plants material can be set up without a pump by simply flooding the eco system every week.

This environment attracts the birds and insects - creating an landscape full of life.

The sound of water can be soothing, remind you of far-away places and bring movement into the landscape.

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