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Residential Landscapes

How does your environment best express who you are?

Where are the elements that nourish and excite you?

Do you enjoy, wild lush plant life or the strength of rock and stone and serenity of water?

Do you need a place to nestle into for an afternoon sleep or an exquisite mosaic terrace on which to entertain or party?

Whatever your dream - we can work together to make it happen.

Garden Planting

Plants are the essence of a garden. They provide colour, fragrance, texture and form, medicine and food.

I enjoy using a large range of flora and foliage to beautify your landscape.

Deeply enriching the earth with organic compost, mulching the top layer and installing a water system creates a healthy, well balanced environment for you to enjoy.

Planting softens your house, and your heart.

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Landscape Concepts and Plans

    A plan is a valuable document - particularly if you are going to develop your garden over a long period of time.

    You gather images (photos, magazine articles, drawings) that you resonate with, make notes on what you want - this enables me to understand the style of garden that appeals to you personally.

    Over a series of meetings we will develop a finished concept that becomes the visual blue print of your garden dream. This may be an addition to your established garden or be a total overhaul and "new look"

    All plans are priced depending on time and quality. From simple pencil drawings to hand coloured laminated inspirational artworks.

    All plans are to scale so that they become the guide to construction.

Playgrounds for Kindergartens, Schools and Public Areas

Luscious, magic, toxic-free environments for children to experience, excitement and challenge amid the beauty of the natural world.

A place for the teachers to be nourished and the community to be inspired.

Mud play, natural water play areas and sandpits. Food and medicinal gardens, composting, worm farms, lush mounds, play huts, challenging versatile equipment and a range of plant material that represents the seasons.

The playground is designed collectively with the teachers, children, parents and committees so that everyone has their part to play. The playground meets the relevant statutory safety standards.

Once the concept is in place, funding and budget agreed, construction can begin. This may be over a series of months, we may use local contractors or a consultation process with community support.

Creating an "alive" and beautiful world for our children to learn in.


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