Here is a selection of comments from some of my happy clients :-)

Saint Columba Anglican Church, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Over the past 3 years landscape designer, John Allen, has gifted St Columba Church with a most spectacular and enduring gift. Our expansive grass-covered grounds have always been a pain rather than a pleasure. A visitor from the USA suggested we build a labyrinth on the one of the lawns; vestry thought it was a great idea, but we had no one with the skills to make it happen.

Then God sent John our way, and within a year he had gathered around him a working group and the beautiful labyrinth garden had started to come to life. But it didn't stop there, our congregation was so impressed with the first garden that we asked John to help us create another. A year later the Sanctuary Garden was born, with a stunning 15m long stream as the focal point.Our meditation on the psalms had really come to life: "like trees planted by streams of water".

John is an artist and a gardener, a deeply spiritual and community-minded person. Check out our stunning gardens if you ever get the chance, and I guarantee you'll be inspired.
Thanks John!

Rev' d Hugh Kempster, Vicar of St Columba Anglican Church, Grey Lynn, Auckland.



Auckland Kindergarten Association

AKA LOGOJohn has developed concept plans and worked as a landscape contractor of our kindergarten playgrounds since April 2003, contributing to 33 of our 108 kindergarten landscapes throughout the Auckland region.

The role has involved working with a diversity of local communities that embody each individual kindergarten and with the teachers and committees - listening to their ideas, capturing their visions and creating designs that sit comfortably within the philosophy, ambience and uniqueness of each kindergarten. Each design having the ability to be installed progressively as funding permits.

John is passionate about the natural environment and has supported the need for the enviro-schools programme to be integrated into the kindergarten curriculum. He has developed a 'natural water-play' area that gives the children the opportunity to interact with water in a more authentic setting; he has also promoted the use of food crops and compost and other permaculture principals. He believes that children and teachers are content in beautiful surroundings and has used this as a basis for his designs.

John as added creative and visually stimulating elements to those playgrounds he has been involved with and has revitalised outdoor play areas in innovative and interesting ways.

We have had the privilege of John's experience as a teacher and designer (he has worked as a tutor for our teacher-training programme), and we have valued and appreciated the enormous energy he has contributed to our kindergarten playground upgrades to date.

Peter Pablecheque
Property Manager


John Allen - Elementals
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